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Peaceful Distraction

Monday, February 27, 2006

With the situation in my life as it is I should be a lot more down or panicked or stressed or something. But I’m not. I honestly feel more at peace that I have in a long time.

1. My wife is on maternity leave with my son who turned 15 weeks old on Saturday.
2. I announced my resignation from my job in mid January.
3. I’ve applied for positions and haven't heard a whole lot back
4. On top of all that some people that are very close to me are struggling greatly. As much as I want to I really can’t do anything to help them.

Yet throughout all this I feel at peace. Why is this? I think it has a lot to do with past experiences with God and the way he always provides for me and others that trust him. But in this case God has provided me with what I needed in a different way then he has in the past. He provided me with an amazing distraction from all that should keep me down and stressed. As sappy as it might sound - this distraction has come in the form of my son.

Every night when I go home and I take one look at my son - happy all the time, always smiling, so content, no fear of tomorrow and what it will bring, absolute trust that he will be provided for - I find myself relaxing and sharing his carefree attitude. We have a great God who will always provide for our needs. In this case he has provided for me a great distraction and an awesome example of how the Father cares for his children.

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  1. Blogger Paul Morgun | 3:31 PM |  

    Hey Dave...well welcome to the bloging world!! nice pic...your boy looks awesome! well maybe i will add you to my link collection of blog's i read to inspire my self and to waste time! :)

  2. Anonymous Keith | 9:36 PM |  


  3. Blogger Jim Carey | 11:51 AM |  

    You are a child of God as is Jayden. The fact that he is able to show you peace in him through your son is just wonderful. You have often shown me peace and great joy too, thank you for being such a faithful and loving son.

  4. Blogger lilene | 11:18 PM |  

    Hey Dave . . . I found you over on Jen's blog! You're little guy is absolutely gorgeous, what a smile!
    So you did decide to move on from the enrolment world (or are you just moving on from the Bethany world), you will most definitely be missed, you are truly one of the great ones. Anyway say a big hello to your wife for me. I will keep you two in my prayers through this exciting time of transition.

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