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Dashed hopes... yet again!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Report: Oilers sign Michael Nylander"

This is the headline that caught my attention when I checked my July 2nd TSN.ca sports update in my email inbox! "What?! Oilers signed Nylander?! No Way!!"


"No way" was the appropriate term as todays follow-up headline read..

"Oilers cry foul over Nylander deal".

Aaargg!! Why did they have to get my hopes up!

For those of you who are now too depressed to read the story for yourselves, I will try to summarize... Basically, the Oilers signed Nylander and received confirmation of the deal in writing only to find out through a press release that Nylander had signed with... the Washington Capitals??

Yes... it's happened again. The Oilers have signed another big name only to find out that contracts in the NHL are apparently irrelevant and not in the least bit binding. This is sadly reminiscent of the wonderful "5 year" Pronger deal... which, after 1 year and an impressive cup run, ended with Pronger forcing the Oilers to send him to Anaheim.

It's really getting hard to be an Oiler fan...
But, it's dark times like these that one needs to remind themselves that it could, in fact, be worse...
We could have signed these guys...

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A Sweet Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jayden hit 19 months on June 12th so if you do the math he was only 7 months old last Father's Day. While the first is always special I think I will remember this year's Father's Day much more clearly. It was really nothing too spectacular. Just, memorable and very enjoyable.

The three of us went to the Forestry Farm Zoo in Saskatoon. This was Jayden's first trip to any zoo which made it that much more special.

He was pretty quiet about everything until he saw the groundhogs. All these animals and its a bunch of lousy gofers that perk him up?

Personally I was more impressed by the White Bengal Tigers. After making enough noise to wake the sleeping giants Jayden proceeded to greet them with a pretty impressive growl.

Most of the time he was actually more interested in pushing his own stroller.

After a couple hours in the zoo finishing off with the ever-popular monkeys we had supper in the park and headed for home. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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Nothing else to post so...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Heh, heh... as if Johnny Depp and Tim McGraw wasn't bad enough... how do I, in anyway look like Jesse L. Martin??

I'm sorry... how pathetic is this? I don't post for like 2 months and all I got is this junk? Guess I'm just too lazy to post anything else.

Actually, this new facebook phenomenon is taking up all my online time. I gotta admit though, it is pretty fun finding old friends and hearing how they are doing.

Sorry that's all I got for now.

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