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Blogging away my Complacency

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Since I started this blog and posting here a bit more regularly I have found myself doing a lot more reflection. Mostly, because I’m trying to think of new things to post up here but as a result I really have been challenged to think more. I know most of my reflections never make it onto this blog but I really am doing much more reflection. I had been coasting a lot lately just going through the motions, going to work, coming home and enjoying my son, working on little nit picking moral issues, trying to make myself a better person, all the while neglecting my pursuit of God.

Blogging has only been one piece of the puzzle. Many pieces have fallen together to bring me to this realization - starting with Pastor Jeff’s latest sermon series, and the follow-up of a great care group night, adding to it was this season of lent and my decision to read more non-fiction, and then hearing Paul Woodburn’s amazing message on the sacrifices of experiencing God and meeting our latest campus visitor Barry and his passionate heart to know and serve God. These are just a few of the pieces that left me with this encouragement to quit coasting through life.

Isn’t it awesome how when God really wants your attention he will tug and pull at you until you listen? I’m really thankful for this blog. Even if only a few read it, it has already done me a world of good by pushing me out of complacency.

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  1. Blogger Paul Morgun | 1:11 PM |  

    Complacency is so easy..it was something I was really fighting at the start of this youth year...its WAY to easy to go through the motions...It is way to easy to see my ministry as a "job"...but its more...good to hear your reflections... May you continue to pursue God and righteousness...

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