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Mending Misconceptions in the Menno Mecca of Manitoba

Friday, March 24, 2006

I just got back from a brief trip to Manitoba for recruitment business. I met with some alumni that are now Pastors (Nathan & Nikki, Jayson, and Danny) and also with Geoff & Kelly and the youth group in Boissevain. Overall it was an encouraging trip.

I guess I don’t really have anything profound to say about the trip. It was simply encouraging to see old friends again, chat about the ups and downs of ministry, offer few pieces encouragement and mostly just be encouraged myself.

I was given a renewed hope for how Youth Pastors are being treated. I guess I had some presupposition and misgivings as I was heading into good ol’ southern Manitoba Menno towns. I thought I was going to run into all kinds of political garbage and was going to be used to encourage a couple of weary youth pastors. What I found was that these guys really didn’t need a whole lot of encouragement. The truth is they are being treated really well.

This got me thinking - If all of these YP’s are planning to stick around for a while and are being treated so well, is it actually true that Youth Pastors only stick in a church for 6-18 months? (I’ve heard and repeated the whole range stats myself.) So, I did what any curious person would do - I punched it in a google search and I found a very interesting article on the subject found on the Youth Specialties website entitled "Staying Power When the Door Looks Soooo Good"

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  1. Blogger Paul Morgun | 11:55 AM |  

    I think, I was quoted this statistic over and over when I was in Bible college...I dont know if that is to tell the students to take ministry 'the call' more seriously or if its to encourage them if they pass that date... lol... I suppose we all have differnt reasons....

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