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The Next Chapter Begins….

Saturday, April 22, 2006

For the past five years I have been in a job that I would probably say is not my calling. My job (or ministry) has been to first try and convince students to go to Bible College and then to encourage them to seriously consider Bethany College as their Bible College of choice. The problem is I don’t consider myself to be much of a salesman. Not in the traditional sense anyways. I would much rather help someone find out what is the best decision for them to make then to actually sell them my product. As much as I have tried it I have come to realize that sales really isn’t me. It’s actually kind of interesting that I would say that considering my original call to Pastoral ministry.

I was in Grade 5 or 6 and I for some reason had it in my head that I needed to be in ministry in some way. At the same time I was proud of my Dad as he was a good salesman and for that reason I wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a salesman myself. I was struggling with this. How can I be a salesman and do full time ministry? (Keep in mind I was 12 at the time). I was sitting in the church basement listening to some boring speaker and making shapes in the patterned carpet when all of a sudden it (or He) struck me - “Be a salesman for the Lord and sell Jesus to people.” My next thought was “I can be a pastor!” From that point on I was sure this was my calling in life. I’ve never really wavered from that. My focus has changed within that calling such as Youth Pastor or Camp Director but I’ve always stayed within the frame of mind that my job/my ministry in life was to be a Pastor.

That’s actually how the Admissions Director position that I have been in started for me. I wanted to be a shepherd and a shepherd leads and directs people. I saw my job as leading directing people - be it to Bethany, some other Bible College, a secular institution, or something else entirely.

What happened was the position (or rather the needs from that position) started to change. As enrollment started going down the pressure to bring in more students rose. Slowly, it became (to me) too much of a sales position and not enough of a ministry position. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I had the opportunity to do what I did at Bethany. I am glad I had the opportunity to impact so many lives. I am glad I got to be a Pastor and a shepherd to so many different people. I am confident that I was in the right place at that time, but that chapter is now closed and it has been closing for the past couple of years. It has been closing as a new chapter has been opening.

For the past couple of years (as this chapter has been closing) I have noticed that the times I looked forward to most at Bethany were the times I spent with the students. I loved Missions Trips and Youth Advance because I really had the chance to put more of myself into students. I really got to be a part of their lives. I would often take a break from my "work" to be refreshed by going and chatting with students for a while. At the same time the part that frustrated me the most with my position of Admissions Director was that I could only put a limited amount of time into students’ lives. I wanted to give more of myself to them and really invest in them and grow with them.

Well, after much prayer and waiting, I can finally say that a new chapter is really opening. Starting May 1st my new ministry, my new pastoral position, will be that of Residence Director for Men at Bethany College. In my mind it means I will be a pastor to the men at Bethany. I do not remember being as excited about a position of ministry like am about this one ever in my life. I am excited to be able to put more time into students lives. I am excited to continue the shepherding process. I am excited at the Discipleship opportunities. I am excited about learning about counseling and care-giving from the current student development staff. I am excited to lead, disciple and learn from an amazing group of RA’s this coming fall. And I am excited to see how God works as I do my best to continue to follow the call in my life.

Thank you to all who have prayed for me through the waiting, it is great to have your support. And thanks to Chris - you are a true friend and a man of incredible integrity and character. I have appreciated you more in the past week alone than you could ever imagine. I’m praying for you…

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  1. Blogger Nick Boschman | 5:40 PM |  

    Glad to hear you got this position. Although not as good as this past year, you have a pretty sweet team of RA's to work with so that shouldn't be a problem at all. This means more episodes of '24' right?...the diligent few is becoming fewer though, soon i'll just be showing up...and i will be showing up. Congrats.

  2. Anonymous Keith | 9:19 PM |  

    Right on Dave. I never heard the story of your calling before that must've been in the Basement at the old church near Bernard bridge hey? I've missed you lots this year.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:38 AM |  

    You know how much this excites me already. But hey, its always nice to be able to see it in writing whenever you want! so...I'M EXCITED! congratulations! Oh this pumps me up for life!

  4. Blogger Jen | 6:55 PM |  

    Congrats Dave on this position! I'm excited to hear how God will continue to use you there at Bethany.

  5. Blogger Gabrielle | 9:22 PM |  

    That is neat Dave. That's a surprising news but I think you're showning much humility and I trust God will honor you. Félicitation!

  6. Blogger Kendall & Sabrina | 9:25 PM |  

    Hey Dave,
    Kendall and I are most definitely excited for you. Blessings as you (and Cora Lynn and Jaden) enter into the next exciting ministry opportunity.

  7. Anonymous Heidi | 9:46 PM |  

    Way to go Dave. I was waiting for this to happen, and now I am greatly pleased that it has. You are going to rule in this position!! Congrats!

  8. Blogger Chris | 9:23 AM |  

    Dave, I am very excited for you as you begin this new ministry. You have a great heart for students and I believe you'll excel in pastoring them. Stay in touch, yeah?

  9. Blogger lilene | 8:45 AM |  

    Dave, That is amazing news! You will do such great things at Bethany. It'll be wierd to not see you on tour next year though, you were a pillar. All the best in your new job! Lisa

  10. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:33 PM |  

    I approve! This is good, and I am pumped for both you and the men of Bethany!

  11. Blogger Paul Morgun | 5:00 PM |  

    Awesome...perhaps you will now have more time to be a sponsor next year :)

    or probably not...:)

  12. Blogger Stacey Sparshu | 3:47 PM |  

    I couldn't have said it better myself,Dave, and I'm encouraged to see how God works. God has heard the desire of your heart. Dare I say that he put it there? Congrats on the new position. Bethany is better for it.

  13. Blogger Nathan | 3:30 PM |  

    Hey Dave, this is great news. You will do an awesome job!!!! Congrats

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