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My Fear

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yes it's been a while - I'm sorry that I never update this thing. I have no excuse. Hope you like the new look though. Okay, now that we are done with the formalities can we move on? ...Good.

Not many people know this about me but I have (what I used to think was) a bit of an odd fear. I have had it for since I was in junior high and I have been mocked for this fear many times even (especially) by my own wife.

I always felt a bit weird about my fear. I kinda thought I was the alone in this fear. That is until I ran across the clip below. Finally, someone has realized how very scary these beasts can be. These awful beasts I am referring too, these animals that have caused me so much terror, are sheep. Yes, that’s right. Sheep. Now I know your thinking that they are such soft, cuddly and innocent animals but that's exactly what they want you to think. Really, they are the most deceptively evil animals I know of.

Let me explain. When I was growing up our neighbours had sheep and every now and then they would break through our fence and get into our laundry hanging outside to dry or into my mom’s garden. I don’t know why but for some reason I had to go out a try and “herd” them back to their own yard. I was scared - they have big heads and they would chase after you with there heads down ready to butt you and you couldn't turn your back on them 'cause then they would have the target they were looking for so you'd just have to face them as they put there heads down and chase after you. Luckily I was able to escape those episodes with my life and I am still here to tell you about it. But those sheep scarred me and to this day I am still afraid of them. Well as it turns out, I'm not alone in this fear. Someone else has realized how frightening these vile beasts can be. If you want to see what I am talking about check out this trailer of the new horror flick called "Black Sheep". But I must warn you, this is a horror movie so there are some disturbing scenes.

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  1. Blogger Stacey Sparshu | 4:35 PM |  

    I'm so glad that you're back!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that that's out of the way, what the heck has happened with our Oilers!?

    I understand fears of sheep. I'm not afraid but I know a few people who are, family actually. You're not alone, Dave, not alone.

  2. Blogger Dave | 5:31 PM |  

    Thanks for the encouragement. But as for the Oilers... I'm not sure I even want to comment on it 'cause I'm liable to say a bunch of not so nice words. All I'll say is Kevin Lowe better have one heck of an off-season.

  3. Blogger Stacey Sparshu | 3:21 PM |  

    Ya, no kidding. I saw a picture of Smitty smiling in an Islanders jersey this morning and it still made me kindof sick to my stomach. it's just not right!

    Lowe says he has a plan. I'm waiting to see it...'cause so far I'm not so sure how it's working!

  4. Blogger Paul Morgun | 5:09 PM |  

    that is the funniest trailer i have ever seen!

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