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A Proud Father and Fan!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now that the Edmonton Oilers are actually leading their series against the President’s Trophy winner - Detroit Redwings, I thought it an appropriate time to show the excitement I had that they even made the playoffs.

This photo was taken by Cora Lynn at the exact moment Hemsky scored the winning goal against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks which clinched a playoff spot for the Oilers and killed the Vancouver’s playoff hopes.

(While he's not old enough to be painting anything in my garage yet) you can see by the intensity in his face that my son is already cheering for the right team at 5 months.


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  1. Blogger Nick Boschman | 11:17 PM |  

    Good to see he's on the right path Dave, just be careful with cheering too loud, i've heard that he cries when people are overly exuberant while watching tv...those addicts.

  2. Blogger Paul Morgun | 3:56 PM |  

    it wont be long until he will be painting...well atleast not to long till he figures out to cheer for vancouver, thats right theres always next year!

  3. Blogger Stacey Sparshu | 3:41 PM |  

    Dave, you have the cutest little Oiler fan around. Glad to see that you're teaching him in the way that he should go. That's biblical parenting ;)

  4. Blogger Janelle | 6:24 PM |  

    teaching them early! way to go! even if it is for the Oilers (gag!).
    Kamryn is ALMOST saying "hockey". That'll make any parent proud!

  5. Blogger Becky | 10:50 PM |  

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Blogger Becky | 10:52 PM |  

    How about now that they've beat Detroit and San Jose?!?! Onward to Anaheim my friends!! That was some game tonight...good to see the little one cheering on the right team. Keep him on the straight and narrow Dave...even though my heart is with the Canucks, I'm pretty proud of my home team...woot woot!

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