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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The main reason I don't blog more often is that I am busy. I know that sounds like an excuse but really, my life seems to revolve around two things: my son, Jayden and my work at Bethany College. Since my work is somewhat confidential in nature, all I really have that I can post about is my son. And, while I am a very proud father, I feel that there are only so many people interested in hearing more about my son, and besides, my wife started a blog (just about the time I quit posting), which has plenty of stories about Jayden. Thus, my busy life prevents me from blogging.

In any case, in an effort to keep this thing a bit more current, I am going to blog about my son anyways. And what better to follow my previous post about fear then to talk about how fearless he is.

We have made an effort to keep Jayden from being too afraid of things. So, we introduce him to loud noisy things such as the coffee grinder, mixers, and blenders. We thought he might be concerned about these noises but he doesn't seem to mind much. He just kind of looks until your done and then carries on with his life. Take the vacuum cleaner for instance. We thought it might scare him so we made sure he was on the couch or with one of us when we were vacuuming so that he would be too scared. But he's fearless. The little guy actually pulled a mini-tantrum when he realized he wasn't strong enough to push it without my help.

What a brave little guy... fearless... that is until he met up with a McDonald's Happy Meal toy.

For some reason this little robot dog immediately struck the poor guy with fear. As soon as we wound it up and let it walk towards him with its mechanical grinding and buzzing sounds he shivered and cringed with fear. Who knew a little robot dog would be more frightening than a big noisy vacuum cleaner. Oh well, I guess if I can be afraid of sheep he can be afraid of a McDonald's toy.

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  1. Blogger Jessica | 1:37 PM |  

    Ha! Sasha has also expressed fear at some MacDonald's toys - he didn't like the ninja turtle he got a few days ago and a toy from the movie "Flushed Away" he hid in his closet he was so scared!

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