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Dashed hopes... yet again!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Report: Oilers sign Michael Nylander"

This is the headline that caught my attention when I checked my July 2nd TSN.ca sports update in my email inbox! "What?! Oilers signed Nylander?! No Way!!"


"No way" was the appropriate term as todays follow-up headline read..

"Oilers cry foul over Nylander deal".

Aaargg!! Why did they have to get my hopes up!

For those of you who are now too depressed to read the story for yourselves, I will try to summarize... Basically, the Oilers signed Nylander and received confirmation of the deal in writing only to find out through a press release that Nylander had signed with... the Washington Capitals??

Yes... it's happened again. The Oilers have signed another big name only to find out that contracts in the NHL are apparently irrelevant and not in the least bit binding. This is sadly reminiscent of the wonderful "5 year" Pronger deal... which, after 1 year and an impressive cup run, ended with Pronger forcing the Oilers to send him to Anaheim.

It's really getting hard to be an Oiler fan...
But, it's dark times like these that one needs to remind themselves that it could, in fact, be worse...
We could have signed these guys...

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  1. Blogger Paul Morgun | 8:53 PM |  

    I saw the Nylander thing, who knows courts may order him to play for the oil...your right...pretty terrible...in general i cant believe how much moving there is this summer its crazy!

  2. Blogger Nick Boschman | 7:30 PM |  

    i read somewhere that the current oilers lineup scored less than 100 goals last year. soooo all we need is roloson to let in less than 18 goals and we'll have a perfect season....*weeping*

  3. Blogger Paul Morgun | 9:06 PM |  

    sooo they got souray...aight...just hope that spezza doesn't play against him too much :)

  4. Blogger Paul Morgun | 10:32 AM |  


  5. Blogger Dave | 11:33 AM |  

    stay tuned... I'll publish pictures of it this afternoon

  6. Blogger Paul Morgun | 12:53 PM |  

    Dave are you aware that you have a blog?

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