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Sweet Cup'O'Joe

Saturday, March 31, 2007

On Monday, March 26th I turned 31.

To be honest birthdays have never been much of a big deal for me at least not since I moved out on my own. I'm sure when I was younger it was a big deal, I only remember a couple of those birthdays, one when I moved from Saskatoon to Kelowna - I had a big going away/birthday party in grade 5. That was pretty fun. And I remember all too well one before that, I'm not sure how old I turned but I remember putting on a tantrum because my mom wanted to give someone else a chance to be the leader in "follow-the-leader" on my birthday. But other than that I honestly don't remember a whole lot of birthdays. I remember gifts a bit but not the parties.

I'm not much for celebrations especially when they are focused on me. I would much rather receive a quiet "Happy Birthday" from a friend than a big party in my honour. So, this being 31 was really no big deal. 30 was big but 31 is simply just 31. Anyways, it turned out to be a pretty decent day. I spent the day out of the office looking for gag gifts for the 3rd year class and then came home to pretty sweet gift. A brand new espresso machine.

We had this $50 cheap espresso machine that we used daily to make our americanos and cappuccinos but we never new what we were missing. This thing is so nice. The crema on the top of each shot is incredible, I've honestly never tasted a better americano than the ones we make with this machine, and the frother makes the most amazing lattes and cappuccinos. It's so quick and easy to use - all in all I'm pretty happy with it. I guess it's a bit extravegant and more than we really need but we do like our coffee and I can guarentee that this is one appliance that will definately get it's use.

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