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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I must confess... I am guilt ridden... I have committed an atrocious act! Last night I was an MC at out First Year Reception. I was not prepared like I should have been and as a result I committed an act that I feel horribly guilty about. I am sorry to all you who heard it... I am sorry for my weakness... I am sorry for being a hypocrite. In a feeble attempt at being humorous I did it... I was not forced or pushed to do it... I have no excuse and I am sorry. But I can't take it back, it did in fact happen...

...I said a pun.

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  1. Blogger Paul Morgun | 1:31 PM |  

    when you cheer for oilers, many bad things happen to people...this is the result of your allegiance.

  2. Blogger Dave | 6:15 PM |  

    I don't know but I'm pretty sure you are talking about Flames fans not Oilers fans - The pun was a simply the result of my own lack of preparedness and my constent exposure to these vial and meagre attempts at humour.

  3. Blogger Liz | 4:18 PM |  

    and i MISSED it!

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